Who Is Lendblox?

LendBlox Inc. is focused on becoming a leading national non-bank conventional mortgage lender. Our mission is to establish and grow our Mortgage Portfolio by offering investors the opportunity to participate in an alternative, diversified, secure portfolio of professionally managed, high yielding Canadian residential and commercial real estate mortgages which offer low volatility.

Our core value is “preservation of capital” through careful risk management and adherence to strictly defined lending practices, designed to safeguard all mortgage investments and consistently provide investors with high yield returns.

LendBlox’s business consists in lending money, principally to individuals, for the purposes of acquiring, maintaining or upgrading residential and other real property, against the security of a mortgage granted on such property.

Why Does Lendblox Exist

Strict guidelines are set for loan to values based on property types and their geographic locations. Loan to value ratio of the overall weighted average of the fund will not exceed 75%.

LendBlox invests in mortgages that Schedule A banks do not service, such as mortgages on homes that are being constructed or renovated, mortgages for self-employed individuals or people with distinct credit problems; second homes and rural properties with wells and septic systems. As a private lender in these niche markets, LendBlox abides by the “four Cs” of credit: Character, Credit, Collateral and Capital.

Unlike variable returns of stock and mutual funds, we provide investors with a high yielding return with a low volatility in the investment.

LendBlox is a highly specialized non-bank mortgage originator and administrator, offering both commercial and residential mortgages and is licensed through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

We are based in the GTA and are Broker affiliated to over 2500+ Mortgage Brokers in Ontario.

In a lender capacity, LendBlox funds 1st and 2nd mortgages which are beyond the lending parameters of institutional lenders. Our lending areas are towns within the province of Ontario with a population of 25,000 +.

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With LendBlox you’re not buying through a blind pool or a fund. You can review and select which projects make sense for you and your investment objectives. Eligible to be held in your RSP, LIRA, RIF, LIF, RESP and even TFSA accounts. The Loan To Value ratio (“LTV”) is a key measurement that expresses the loan amount as a percentage of the underlying value of the real estate asset. For example a property appraised at $100,000.00 with a debt of $53,000.00 would have a 53% LTV. A decline in the value of that property would have to exceed 47% before it would endanger the principle amount of the mortgage. The total average weighted LTV ratio within the portfolio will never exceed 75% affording investors a significant margin of security to safeguard their investment.

LendBlox, specializes in mortgage origination and administration to specific sectors of the mortgage market that have historically been under serviced by institutionalized lenders in terms of loan type, and geographic locations. Demand in these sectors has continued to be strong through the recent credit crisis and resultant economic downturn.

Throughout the Credit Crisis, LendBlox, the predecessor of LendBlox, maintained its focus on a number of critical underwriting and administrative criteria that mitigated its portfolio’s overall risk. Today, LendBlox still follows the same strict underwriting guidelines to ensure its mandate of protecting its investor’s capital. Typically, investments will be made with terms of 12-24 months, with the overall emphasis placed on the shorter terms. This provides a high level of liquidity to the mortgage portfolio.

LendBlox’s management team has significant experience in the mortgage underwriting and administration disciplines to support daily administrative and compliance matters. It’s senior management has significant experience from previous downturns and they possess the skill sets required to manage a real estate portfolio through challenging times.

The collective experience of all senior management and how they employ their skills, sets them apart from the other private lenders.

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